Welcome to here. I have no idea what I am doing.

So looks like it finally happened. I am now live on Ghost the blogging platform. It was just too pretty to avoid. I do however have to have it on a separate server instance I purchased from Digital Ocean. If you don't know about them, you should definitely check them out. They're awesome.

Anyway, so what's up with me? Thanks for asking. Well, Django, AVR, Wireless Sensor Networks, JS a lot of C and a hell lot of planning. I am currently in my last semester (or so I hope) for a masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering degree at the University Of Oklahoma. This semester is not only crucial but incredibly hectic. I have to take about 4 courses that's 12 credit hours on top of my job as a graduate assitant at OU (I love my job). But it is going to be very difficult juggling them around.

Once I am done here, the plan is to try and make a move to Colorado to help start a startup. Things will start to take shape in the next few months so I need to manage my time with that particular project too. As it so happens, that may be one of the most important things in my immediate future. Yeah, no pressure.

I am also trying my best to keep a strict workout schedule and things are going really well. I now look forward to the gym all day. It's rewarding. I've also decided to be more social and for the past few days I have been more outgoing. It will take time to get over my general distaste for very large groups.

Anyway, I seem to be jumping around a lot. That's because I have some important stuff to take care of and I feel it's important to inaugurate this particular droplet (server instance) with a post. So here it is. More later. Gotta go.