[Dev Log] Knock : Part 2

So today I did two things. I set up the local server and I also soldered an ATTiny2313 onto a protoboard. The amazing part is that I got the board working the first time around. I was concerned for a while, how I did that. If it works the first time, something's about to blow up. Well, not really, but you can't trust electronics. Anyway, so here's the log for today

Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 with Edimax EW-7811Un

I admit I was frustrated two fold because first I didn't receive my WiFi dongle due to the holiday season and then when I did receive it, it didn't work out of the box. You can see the dongle detect all wireless networks, but you won't see it connect to the ones you want. So, conclusion: you need Realtek drivers. RTL8192CU.

Anyway so I installed the drivers after downloading the Ubuntu OS update. Now this machine has only 512 MB of RAM and is a Compaq Presario. Remember those? Yeah, I have that as a server. It's not to bad though. But it did take some time to build. Anyway, rebooted machine after installing the drivers and it worked like a charm. If you're interested in getting the Edimax EW-7811Un working on Ubuntu, download the drivers here. Simply untar and run install.sh as root. Boom. Oh yeah, you might want to blacklist rtl8192cu module in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

The AVR ATTiny2313 Dev Board

This is the part I am really proud of. I built this device board in about an hour. I don't have the proper soldering equipment so I got kicked into my hackmode. So to create a proper soldering table, I used a saucepan, inverted it, covered its base with aluminum foil and put it on a bunch of papers. That made the saucepan and the carpet safe. I would've gone back to campus but one, I don't have a car and two, it's cold as balls out there.

Anyway back to the build. So I took a protoboard, soldered a DIP SOCKET BASE pin count of 20 and a 3x2 male berg header. The header is for the ICSP/SPI programmer and the base is obviously for the controller. I soldered all 6 pins with and then soldered a right angled male header 1x6 for the FTDI converter. I am getting my power from USB, specifically the USB to Serial converter. I finally soldered the 4.7k resistor between RESET and VCC along with a test LED on PORTB0. Now that was a mistake, I think. PORTB0 is multiplexed with a pin from the ADC. Specifically ADC0. Shit, now maybe I might have to change that. I hate rework.

Source from where I blatantly stole the schematic because I can't be bothered to take photographs of my schematics.