[Dev Log] Knock : Part 6 - My massive mistake

So I used ATTiny2313. For a project that depends upon Analog To Digital Conversion. I USED A CHIP THAT DOESN'T HAVE AN ADC. But the good thing is it took me 6 hours to create a new board with ATMega88A-PU. Oh did I mention I got the ATMega88A-PU instead of the ATmega8 btw? Yeah, I did that too. Jeez, I need to be more careful.

Anyway I had the new board up and running within 6 hours (I did sleep for 8 hours in between the 6 hours so if it makes any sense, it took me 14). I have the piezo and a photoresistor soldered on it. No more messing around with interrupts for now. Just ADC and serial. I haven't gotten around to writing the ADC program yet. But I tested the blinky.c file. Makefiles make everything easier.

On a completely different note, I've made my first official Django app called Django-Associations. It has had about roughly 1.5K downloads. I am so happy! I will put in the dev log for that too. But for right now It's going to have to wait because I am working on Knock. What a goddamn mess.

I need to upload DA to my projects as well. But right now, I need to get the ADC on the new board working.