Game Development on Unity2D

I've always held the opinion that a good game can make your career. I also feel it's the true test of a programmer's ability. There are so many aspects that you need to take care of, so it truly requires a lot of thought. I have been trying to create games for the past 3-4 years. The time that I actually put in though, is less than 2 weeks. I've always quit right in the middle, when things are getting hotter.

But today, I finally managed to dive right in and finish my first game on Unity2D. It's Pong. It's nothing fancy, just a good old fashioned Pong with C# scripting (I also don't know C# so it was a great crash course). My code resides on Github as Unity2D-Pong.

Here's a screenshot of the development build.

Development Build Mac OS X - Full screen

I have yet to add sounds and other enhancements, the final polish to the game, but I feel that can be done later. I am ready for my next practice idea :).

EDIT: I added background music.