New Look

I got bored with Mutiny and I decided to look for something more. I found KISS and I decided that it was a good look. It has a proper 2 column set which I like. It uses Prism by default which is great. Here's a small test

import csv

# write stocks data as comma-separated values
writer = csv.writer(open('stocks.csv', 'wb', buffering=0))  
    ('GOOG', 'Google, Inc.', 505.24, 0.47, 0.09),
    ('YHOO', 'Yahoo! Inc.', 27.38, 0.33, 1.22),
    ('CNET', 'CNET Networks, Inc.', 8.62, -0.13, -1.49)

# read stocks data, print status messages
stocks = csv.reader(open('stocks.csv', 'rb'))  
status_labels = {-1: 'down', 0: 'unchanged', 1: 'up'}  
for ticker, name, price, change, pct in stocks:  
    status = status_labels[cmp(float(change), 0.0)]
    print '%s is %s (%s%%)' % (name, status, pct)

I had a lot of stuff that I needed to fix. I had to manually edit the Ghost .hbs files. Added analytics, Disqus and fixed the sidebar.