So we've been using the Photon from Particle (formerly Spark) and their infrastructure is pretty great. Except, it's built in Node. Now credit where credit is due, Node is perfect for this kind of persistent connections to the server. However, it's a pain to debug.

But the initial setup process is via a REST API that I have decided to use in a Python project. So obviously, I had to write a wrapper which would allow me to setup/query their API in a more pythonic fashion.

The result: Python-Particle.
A Python wrapper around the REST API. I have tested it manually but not using unit tests. Maybe more on that later.

It will be developed on Github and uploaded to PyPI so that it's installable via PIP.

Ninja Edit: The package is available via pip. Now the next step is to add docs and finish up on the serial API. I've been using subprocess to call the particle-cli app and parse the output. Pretty soon I am going to have to use Pexepect as well.