Next step

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I feel I need to put it out there so that I can drive myself to doing it.

I am going to learn the following things in the upcoming month:

I've already had a lot of experience with Celery and I feel I can leverage some of that experience in learning Twisted. OpenStack is a devops thing but I might need it in the near future. Docker is obviously important because it just makes it easier to deploy. I have had the initial run in with it and have followed the tutorials but I never got into it fluently.

I've also decided to work a lot more on Twisted for Hardware. I have been toying around it for a while and I've seen some amazing things like Hendrix which is a module to run Django on top of Twisted. It supports Async out of the box, so it might be a good addition to my toolbelt. Especially if I need to configure devices locally (but via a web interface).

I wills start doing more network stuff and might take my CCNA (CCENT specifically). I don't intend to get into devops but a good understanding of the networking world is going to help me a lot in the upcoming hardware projects.

So yeah, onward.