World is not as bleak as it may seem

A recent AskReddit thread hosted by Bill Gates really made me think that we hear so much negative news every day, its sometimes hard to keep track of how good the world really is.

Sad events are inevitable. But they echo over and over again to grab your attention. Yes something tragic has happened, yet you hear about it again and again and again in the same day. It's an echo chamber that just won't die down.

So many books and strategies speak of cutting off news and the pure information stream for a healthier life. I, personally, have tried and tested one of these thanks to How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use. I just couldn't persistently keep myself out, even though I still believe that I should.

So, a compromise then. Just for myself if need be. I shall maintain a publicly curated list of uplifting news. Of course a subreddit already exists for something like that, but I feel it's quite a melting pot of ideas and maybe a more restricted approach may be required.

Anyway, a list doesn't do it justice. I want to build an interface. I have been meaning to work with React (after I loved working with React Native) and integrate Elastic Search into it. I've already created a repo on Github and should start pushing code to it soon.