Cleaner Ghost

 Ghost, Theme

Just upgraded to Lanyon. It's cleaner. It's much more readable and is minimal. I like it. Well, the truth is I liked the other two as well. So, nevermind that.

AVR LED Blink (asm)

 Hardware, AVR, ATMEL, Assembly

LEDs connected to PORTB on ATMega2560 (or any other chip for that matter). Sink the LED instead of source. What does that mean? Have the positive of LED connected to

AVR Revisited (Assembly)

 Hardware, AVR, ATMEL

AVR asm is going to come in handy pretty soon. I might need it to create a bootloader in the upcoming months. Here's a quick review. AVR Registers are 8bit

New Look

 Ghost, Theme, Design

I got bored with Mutiny and I decided to look for something more. I found KISS and I decided that it was a good look. It has a proper 2

Django multiple settings files

 Django, Python

I remember while working at my previous job as python developer, the question on how to organize Django Settings for multiple users used to come up often. The thing about